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Fast Fixes for Fatigue

Posted By Julie Bosche On July 18, 2011 @ 8:00 am In Corporate Wellness Programs | No Comments

Productivity depends on your workers being at their sharpest.

But with the fast-paced life and varied obligations [1] many full-time workers face, many of them struggle to do the things necessary to bring their best to the office [2].

Such factors result in fatigue [3], which is a potential workplace epidemic.

Sleep habits [4] suffer, physical activity is often pushed aside, and too many hours at work take a toll on overall wellness. All of these factors may lead to burnout [5] and worse. Depression and anxiety [6] can spring from an overload of stress [7].

Fatigue is multifaceted, and whether your employees are dealing with the physical kind or the mental incarnation, their ability to bring their best performance to work will be limited to some degree.

Your efforts to promote wellness [8] are your best defense against fatigue’s worst effects, stress overload, burnout, and other productivity killers.

Finding out what’s the biggest drain at your office is the first step in solving the problem and improving your workers’ ability to focus and perform [9], as well as avoiding accidents, injuries [10], and costly mistakes.

WebMD [11] offers these common causes of fatigue and tips for fighting them:

  • Too little sleep. Make sleep a priority and keep a regular schedule.
  • Not enough fuel. Always eat breakfast and try to include protein and complex carbs in every meal.
  • Depression. Seek help if you feel tired and “down” for more than a couple of weeks. Depression responds well to psychotherapy and/or medication.
  • Caffeine overload. Gradually cut back on coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and any medications that contain caffeine.
  • Dehydration. Drink water throughout the day so your urine is light colored.
  • Shift work sleep disorder. Limit your exposure to daylight when you need to rest. Make your room dark, quiet, and cool. Supplements and medications may help.

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