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Corporate Wellness Advisor

Wellness Gift Ideas

December 13, 2010
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Wellness Gift Ideas

We’ve got the perfect gift idea for your hardworking staff: the gift of fitness!

What makes it perfect? Fitness-oriented gift options comprise a world of possibilities for any budget. And what better way to reinforce the wellness messages you’ll spend the upcoming year trying to convey?

Gifts that encourage and facilitate fitness could be the key to getting your employees to take up (or crank up) exercise, and they’re surely a better bet than a corporate-logo tea cozy.

What you choose to give depends largely on your budget and the unique needs and makeup of your staff. But with the wide range of options that fit the mold and won’t break the bank, you’re sure to come up with a fantastic fitness find.

Got walkers (or potential walkers) on your staff? Consider a pedometer to help them track their steps, keep up with their goals, and hopefully get inspired by their progress.

And in the same vein, you might give staffers a food and fitness journal that makes it easier to hit the right balance between healthy diet and daily exercise.

Workout DVDs are also a good bet. There is such a vast selection out there, it should be no problem to find one geared toward exercisers at any fitness level.

If you’re thinking more along the lines of one gift that benefits the entire office, seek out a piece of exercise equipment to add to your office fitness room.

If you don’t have one, use the holiday as an excuse to create one. All you need is an empty office or area set aside for equipment such as a treadmill, a stationary bike, and jump ropes, and a little empty space for stretching and floor exercises.

And even if your company doesn’t do employee gifts, the idea of fitness presents is one you can pass along to your staff members for their own Christmas lists.

Here are some more ideas for gifts that are good for mind and body:

  • Yoga mat and DVD of yoga basics
  • Fitness ball and DVD of fitness ball exercises
  • Gym membership
  • Relaxation CDs
  • Healthy meals cookbook
  • .

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